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automated storage

Meet Rover

3,000 lbs

Load Capacity

-20F - 100F

Temperature Range

235 ft/min

Rover Travel Speed

A cutting-edge, 3D shuttle-based AS/RS, Rover is the epitome of configurability and efficiency. Crafted for adaptability, it easily reshapes to evolving storage demands, SKU adjustments, and production flux.

Moreover, it’s versatility shines through, operating seamlessly in ambient to frigid environments. With seamless high-level software interfacing, Rover adeptly collaborates with other automated devices. Experience flexibility, high throughput, and innovation with Rover, where technology meets tomorrow.



Every Rover operates independently for optimized task execution


25% charge cycle, with in-system auto-charging

Lithium-ion batteries lasting 7-10 hours per charge


Each Rover is equipped with its own PLC for precise management

Boasts a wireless ethernet interface for software interaction


Features opposing wheels for bidirectional movement

System Design

Flexible Storage

Our system is specifically designed to offer adaptable storage lane depths. This flexibility is evident in the varied storage depth options available. What truly sets it apart is its distinctive design that ensures SKUs and lots remain unmingled within the same lane. Moreover, our approach is tailored to meet an operation’s unique requirements, skillfully sidestepping the typical constraints found in other automated alternatives.

Dynamic Configuration

Beyond mere storage, the system is engineered for dynamic configuration. Whether the need is for FIFO, LIFO, or a balanced combination of both, our system is up to the task. A key highlight is its configurational versatility: for instance, lanes with a depth of 10 can be conveniently organized as 5 + 5 or even 8 + 2 and 6 + 4.

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